Full-Length Collections:

Sicilianas. Bordighera Press, 2023

Ghost Family. Contraband Books, 2023

Selected Works:

"Trauma-Relevant Stimuli." Forthcoming in Italian Americana.

"Dat Kan Ik Niet." Forthcoming in Barrow Street.

"Autorijschool" and "Lay Ministration." CALYX 33.2 (2022)

"In Which I Learn Early That Loathing Is a Strong Word." Ninth Letter 19.1 (2022)

"Unemployment." Bellevue Literary Review 42 (2022)

"Herbalism." Nimrod 65.2 (2022)

"Sicilianas." Italian Americana (2021)

"Birthright" and "Meanwhile, in Another Part of the Studio." Sugar House Review 20 (2020)

"Requiem." American Literary Review (2020)

"Dreamscape with Polio," "Glossary of Terms," and "Acceptable Risk." New Letters 86.4 (2020) ("Glossary of Terms" reprinted in Verse Daily)

"Electric Boat." Valparaiso Poetry Review 21.2 (2020)

"Family Reunion," "Missing Person," and "Santissimo Nome di Maria." Puerto del Sol 55.1 (2020)

"My Mother as an Instrument of the Divine" and "My Mother as a Keeper of Memory." Colorado Review 45.3 (2018)

"Byway." Denver Quarterly 52.2 (2018)

"The Spirits Present My Forgotten Sister." Meridian 40 (2018)

"There Are People Out There with Courage." The Laurel Review 51.1 (2018)

"Body Double." Third Coast 43 (2017)

"Sea Specters" and "Proposition to a Ghost Family." Poetry Northwest 11.2 (2017) ("Sea Specters" reprinted in Verse Daily)

"Commission." Zone 3 32.2 (2017)

"Marianna at Mrs. Astor's" and "Culting." Natural Bridge 38 (2017)

"Comprehensible Terms." Cutbank 85 (2016)

"The Spirits Report on My Mother's Condition." Sou'wester 44:1 (2016)

"Elegy for the Quiet House" and "Mafiosa." Post Road 31 (2016)

"My Mother Weaving Shawls in a Wisconsin Field." Valparaiso Poetry Review 18.1 (2016)

"My Mother Folds Herself In." Crab Orchard Review 20.1 (2015)

"My Mother as Femme Fatale." Barn Owl Review 8 (2015)

"Copyright." The Minnesota Review 84 (2015)

"Surge Channel." ZYZZYVA 30.3 (2014)

"Elegy for Coming and Going." Redivider 12.1 (2014)

"An Early History of Surveillance." Ecotone 17 (2014)

"Origin Story." Poet Lore 109.3-4 (2014)

"My Mother Chasing Ursa Major." Fourteen Hills 20.2 (2014) (Reprinted in Verse Daily)



The Poison Girl. Forthcoming from Spuyten Duyvil Press.

Selected Works:

"Sugarplum." Forthcoming in Burnside Review.

"Voicemail." Forthcoming in Jabberwock Review.

"Pudding." Necessary Fiction (2023)

"Migration in Four Acts." ANMLY 36 (2023)

"Mythogenesis." Aquifer: The Florida Review Online (2022)

"Recipe for Girls Who Are Missing a Zygote." ROOM 45.4 (2022)

"Hydroecologies." The Journal 45.2 (2022)

"Design Work." Water~Stone Review 25 (2022)

"Internal Affairs." Sierra Nevada Review 33 (2022)

"Check 164." Gone Lawn (2022)

"Barns." Bellingham Review 84 (2022).

"Act of God," "Catastrophic Risk: Earth Changes Edition," and "Traffic Signs." Hobart (2021)

"Where We Stay." The Normal School (2020)

"Renaming." North Dakota Quarterly 87.3-4 (2020)

"Under Construction." South Dakota Review 55.3 (2020)

"Ghosting." The Pinch 39.2 (2019)

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